How to Make Money From Home For Moms

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There are so many posts about how to make money but how can you actually make money from home.

One of the main ways that moms can make money from home is by direct sales.

I know that many of us have heard about direct sales, but may not really know what it is or how it works.

Direct sales is when you earn a commission for sharing a product with another person.

Some people think, I don’t want to sell anything or I don’t want to come off as salesy.

But stop and think for a minute.

When someone asks you where you got your shoes or your top, you instantly tell them. But you don’t get a commission from Target, Macy’s or any of your favorite shoes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually earn money for referring others to products that work?

Right now many people want to be healthy and boost their immune system.

This is the perfect time to join the health and wellness industry.

I chose to partner with Total Life Changes! Total Life Changes is one of the best direct sales/network marketing companies to work with!

(The term Total Life Changes distributor, TLC rep, TLC Life Changer, etc. can be used interchangeably.)

The best time to get into a direct sales company is when its in momentum.

Momentum is when a company is accelerating, introducing new products, and seeing rapid growth.

Total Life Changes is in Momentum!

Not to mention that Total Life Changes products are flying off the shelves and literally sell themselves!

How do you get started to become an influencer?

Every time I pick my children up from school, am out at the park, or even post a picture online; people are asking me how I lost all my weight, or how I stay looking so young.

It’s the perfect gateway to introduce my products, text them a link, and I gain a new customer!

Click here to start your application.

My Journey Before Total Life Changes

After I had my own weight transformation, people kept noticing the change in me and wanted to know my secret.

It was so easy to share the products, and I began to make commissions as well!

Please note that the amount of money you earn depends on your own effort.

Total Life Changes Distributor Benefits

Daily Retail Pay

Yes, you get paid daily for retail sales. Each product commission varies, but for most products you receive a $20 commission.

So, sell 5 products a day= $100!

Minimal Upfront Investment

You can join the company for about $110.

This includes a business starter kit and a product of your choice.

This is a very low cost business to start and you can make your money back quickly.


No inventory- unless you want to carry some! The company dropships the products and takes care of the packaging, returns, customer service, everything! You never have to carry inventory, unless you choose to have products on hand.

50% Commission

You earn 50% of the retail point value of the products. This is actually one of the highest profit margins in the industry! For example, a $49.95 product has 40 volume. 50% commissions equals $20.

Most products you will earn $20 commission, so sell 5 products and you’ll earn $100!

High Quality Products

Total Life Changes has been around since 1999, and is known for their high quality products.

Affordable Products

Not only are the products very high quality, they are also affordable. The products fit in most people’s budgets, so there are no price objections after introducing the products to potential customers.

How to Become a Total Life Changes Distributor

Step 1: Go to the Website

Click right here to go to the website.

Step 2: Choose Become a Member

Scroll down and switch to “Become a Life Changer”

Step 3: Choose Your Country
Step 4: Choose Your Starter Kit & Enrollment Product

You can choose between a Digital Starter Kit, Standard Starter Kit, and Premium Starter Kit.

Choose the Standard Starter Kit which includes everything you need to get started becoming a fitness influencer.

I would personally choose a product that you will actually use such as the instant Iaso Tea. This is important so that way you can have your own product testimony to share!

I would either choose the 10-pack of Iaso Tea ( you can use 4 packs for your own benefit and lose weight), then sell the other 6 packs (at $20 each) and make your money back.

Or, choose The Get Fit Kit which includes the Iaso Tea, Nutraburst, and NRG. These are the three most popular and best-selling items that the company offers.

If you want to start with a lower cost, just choose 1 product such as the Iaso Tea.

Step 5: Select Your SmartShip

In order to get paid your commissions, you need to purchase at least one product with 40QV each month.

I like to stay on SmartShip so that I never miss my commissions!

I personally order the Instant Tea each month which gives me tea to sell or sample! You can always change the product that you want shipped out to you.

Step 6: Confirm Cassandra Lavie is your sponsor

Verify me as your sponsor. I would love to have you on my team!

Step 7: Welcome to the Team!

I will receive an email that you have joined, and contact you via email to get started.

Do you have any questions about becoming Total Life Changes Distributor?

Email me at Beadsselavie(at) and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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