Total Life Changes New Fast Track Training For New Reps 2022! Follow These Steps


Thank You For Joining Total Life Changes And Allowing Me To Be Your Sponsor.

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If I can help you with anything in the future please contact me. I am going to provide some simple tips you help you get off to a good start.

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 Please Complete Asap

1. Make sure you have saved the information to your Total Life Changes website such as domain name as well as password.

2. Make sure you set your hyper wallet up so that you can get paid

3. Make sure you upload a profile picture on your TLC website

4. Study Your Back Office To Your Website

5. Join TLC Corporate Website

6. Go To TLC University And Watch All The Training Modules7. Go over your Business Kit When You Get It In The Mail

8. Try to host a Tea Party As Soon As Possible (Get Sponsor Or TLC Rep In Area To Help You). If you don’t have access to a TLC Rep. Go to Youtube there are plenty of videos that will show you how to do a Total Life Changes Tea Party

9. Join Some Total Life Changes Groups On Facebook

10. You can promote your TLC business online by making Youtube Video, Doing Blog Post Or Using Social Media

11. You can promote your business offline by using Total Life Changes Brochures, Total Life Changes Button, Total Life Changes Magazines, TLC flyers, TLC business cards, stick notes and $100 bill drop cards (My Favorite).

12. Make Sure You Attend Any Training Or Events Total Life Changes may be having in your area. Check Back Office For Events And Date.

13. CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION. Cassandra (404) 819- 1799

14. DON’T QUIT!!!!. It takes 4 to 5 years to build a successful MLM business for most people unless they have a large network of people to market to.

15. Work On Personal Development Everyday read motivational or MLM books everyday or watch motivational or MLM videos

16. You Should Always Let Videos Educate People About Your Business And Not Yourself. Always Use Third Party Tools Like Videos Or DVD to explain your business Opportunity.

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